To our PLFM contributors: your words and stories are gifts of knowledge & inspiration to our spirits!  From Issue VII forward, if you decide to become a contributor to that issue, your name will be featured next to your work instead of on this page.

Thank you to these following contributors for laying the foundation of PLFM:

  • Issue VI
    • Brian Aragon, Journey Outdoors
    • Eye Candy by JMcD Photography
  • Issue V
    • Chris Harrel, Journey Outdoors
    • Jason C. Doud, Worth the Read
  • Issue IV
    • Carolyne Pickup, Affirm Your Life
    • Andre Blake- Journey Outdoors
    • Madonna Swanson- Worth the Read
    • Ash- Tips & Tricks
  • Issue III
    • Rosemary Liversedge – Journey Outdoors
  • Issue II
    • Stacia Kilpatrick – Journey Outdoors

Join the PLFM Team

Do you like to experiment with nutrition, holistic health and wellness?  We are looking for tried and true facts explained in helpful and exciting ways.  You are valuable + your stories are important.  Be a guest contributor for Positive Life for Me in these areas:

Journey Outdoors– Your personal reflection of a personal/spiritual outdoor adventure along two photos: one of you on the journey and another of the scenery.

Worth the Read– Recommend a book and write a review about how it nourished your soul and impacted your life along with two photos: one with you reading the book and another of the book cover.

Tips & Tricks– Share a practical DIY secret to discovering holistic wellness along with two photos to illustrate the topic of discussion.

Nutrition– Describe an ingredient, routine or recipe that helps create a healthy eating lifestyle.  Provide two photos to illustrate your topic.

Affirm Your Life– How do you live a more positive, connected and authentic life?  Describe a tool you use to implement positive change and provide two photos to illustrate your topic.

Contact us to chat about your contributions: